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The Sujeeva Association was founded in Verbier, Switzerland in 1999 for the purpose of giving direct help to children in Sri Lanka, either those poverty stricken or orphans. This is done without any regard to their political allegiance, religion or race. Sujeeva also assists projects started by Sonja Burri in 1985.

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Sujeeva is a Humanitarian Association as defined under Swiss law and is a completely non profit making organisation. None of those associated with the charity (committee members or others) receive any kind of remuneration, nor funds to cover administrative costs or travelling. As a result, all of the donations are used only for projects in Sri Lanka.
What is SUJEEVA ?
Sujeeva is a bona fide foundation established in Switzerland under Swiss law.

What is our goal ?
Our goal is to help orphans and young children in Sri Lanka.

How many children do we help ?
Today we care for more than 300 children all over the country.

How can you help ?
There are two ways of helping :
sponsorship or donation
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Sujeeva Association - Tel+Fax : +41 27 771 80 52