Present situation
Sri Lanka is still an unstable country despite the ceasefire, signed February 2002 between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers (LTTE). There have been more than 60’000 deaths since the conflict began in 1983. Until a final solution for peace has been found aid to the civil population remains the main priority.
Sri Lanka

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Population: 20.8 million
Area: 65'610 km2
Density: 286 inhabitants per square km.
Unemployment: 12%
Currency: Srilankan Rupee

To understand the ongoing problems is to understand Sri Lanka which is made up of different ethnic groups:
- 74% of the population are Sinhalese and, in general, Buddhist. Their language is Sinhala.
- 18,1% are Tamils, or Tamouls, who originally came from the South of India. They are mostly Hindus, speak Tamil and are divided into two groups, the Ceylonese Tamils, who settled thousands of years ago on the island and Indian Tamils, «imported» during colonisation to work on the coffee and tea plantations.
- 7.1% are Muslim
- 0.8% are merchants (descended from European’s)) and others. The two groups speak Tamil or Sinhala.
- 8% of the population are Christian.

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